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On Friday June 23, 2017, after the 3 days of the Specialized and Innovative Conference Aluminium Two Thousand-ICEB (20-21-22 June 2017) at Hotel Fiera, in Verona, there will be an Advanced Anodizing Workshop:

"Advanced Anodizing Class (Level 3)" held by the anodizing expert of AAC (Aluminum Anodizers Council), the American Association of Anodizers.

Information introduced in the Level 1 Anodizing Essentials Workshop is developed at a higher level. Anodizing concepts are discussed in scientific terms and directly tied to the engineering processes of decorative and hard anodizing. Specific attention is paid to pulse anodizing and anodizing difficult alloys, manufactured by way of case and wrought processes.

The event is organized especially for anodizing technicians, production managers, laboratory chemists: it is a major opportunity to learn more about anodizing modern technologies, trends and quality/productivity issues.

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Arthur Brace has left us in his native country, England. He began working with aluminum in 1939 when he was a laboratory assistant at a foundry that made gun turrets during World War II in England.

He was author of the books "Anodic Coating Defects -Their Causes and Cure", “The Technology of Anodizing Aluminium” and "Hard Anodizing of Aluminium'', the three fundamental publications by our Interall publishing house. He was always present at all “Aluminium Two Thousand” conferences organized by Interall.

In 2013 during the conference in Milan, Dr. Brace received a special award for his 60 years of studies in anodizing and for the innovative research work presented at the Congress about “The New Model of Anodic Coating Formation”.

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Dr. Brace dedicated most of his career to aluminium and aluminium finishing. His work has been acknowledged with many awards, and his studies in aluminium finishing has been reported in more than 80 papers. However, it would almost be impossible to mention everything he has done. Instead, we would rather remember who he was: a great man. And certainly today, those who have met him feel that they are a little richer.

The biography from his family




Aluminium Two Thousand - ICEB
World Congress,
20 - 24 June 2017,
at the PalaExpo Congress, VeronaFiere, Verona, Italy


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